Our Mascot

Our Team Mascot is Rusty Casserole. (AKA: Rusty the Robot)  He originates from an early logo design by one of our first year students, Dakota K.

The costume has had a few iterations over the years;  The current Mascot costume originates from 2014, and has been refitted, strengthened, and improved over the past few years.  His wrench has been signed by Dean Kamen himself, and he is a friend to all.



2015 Rusty giving Josie a High-5

Rusty Costume through the years:


Rusty, Circa 2012

2011 Rusty had Antennas


Other Characters Associated with Robot Casserole:



Cassandra’s Fist –  This is the name of the second year logo, which is a robotic hand holding a wrench emerging from a casserole of nuts, bolts, wires, and cables. Cassandra is a name based on Casserole


Chef Robotoli –  This character we developed for the 2011 game as a part of Rusty Casserole’s backstory –  Chef Robotoli is Rusty Casserole’s creator.


The UPDM –  This is an anime characterization of our 2013 Ultimate Ascent robot –  UPDM stands for “Ultimate Pizza Delivery Machine”.