COVID-19 Policy

This page describes the current COVID-19 response and policy of FRC1736, Robot Casserole. Compliance with this document is a condition of team participation for all students, mentors, parents, and visitors of the team.


FRC Team 1736 believes a successful season requires meeting in person, at facilities well-suited to learning and constructing a robot, in the hopes we may attend events in the 2022 FRC competition. This policy exists to help limit the risks participants are exposed to, ensuring we have the best chance at a successful season.

Development and Ownership

This policy is developed jointly by FRC Team 1736 Robot Casserole and Caterpillar Inc. It is enforced by mentors of Team 1736 as a condition of our usage of the PPK Warehouse facility, which is managed by Caterpillar Inc.

Mask Requirements

While inside the warehouse, a face covering is required. Aligning with the Illinois Department of Public Health guidelines, the face covering:

Single-layer athletic face coverings (e.g., ‘gaiters’ / neck warmers / bandanas) are NOT allowed. Masks will be available in the team areas for people who arrive without a compliant mask.

Vaccination Information

Per the CDC, COVID-19 vaccines are effective at protecting you from COVID-19, especially severe illness and death. COVID-19 vaccines reduce the risk of people spreading the virus that causes COVID-19. Though vaccination is not currently a team requirement, all team members are strongly encouraged to get the vaccine if they are able to do so.

Physical Distancing

To reduce transmission rates, all team members are asked to maintain distance between each other. Per CDC Classroom Guidelines, 3 feet of separation should be maintained as much as practical. We expect to achieve this by:

Capacity Limits

Based on distancing requirements and available floor space, the build area occupancy shall be limited to 50 people.

Attendance Data for Contact Tracing

The team will be using attendance data for tracing contact between individuals if a positive case of COVID-19 is reported. Failure to maintain accurate attendance records inhibits our ability to perform this tracing.

All students are required to perform a successful sign in within 5 minutes of entering the facility using the team’s electronic sign in system. If a successful sign-in is not possible, you must notify the mentor team in writing with your name, and the date of the meeting you were in attendance.

Symptom- and Contact- Free Participation

Individuals must stop participation in all in-person team activities if any of the following occur:

Individuals may resume team participation when:

The team reserves the right to perform a temperature check of any member at the warehouse.

If an individual is under any form of medical quarantine, they must not attend team events in person. Failure to attend meetings due to legitimate medical concerns will not be held against a student’s participation record (particularly for travel). Each case will be handled individually.

Positive Exposure Procedure

If a team member believes they have caused one or more team members to be exposed to a COVID-19 infection while at the warehouse, they are asked to report this to the mentor team through an email. In turn, the mentor team will notify impacted individuals on the team to advise quarantine and testing actions.

Handling of Medical Information

Members are not required to submit any particularly medical data to the team. However, team members are required to follow medical guidance specific to their particular condition.

Contingency and Non-Continuation of Meetings

The Mentor Team will regularly review current COVID infection rates and Hospital/ICU availability in our area. At their discretion, team meetings may be limited or ended as a pandemic-mitigating measure.


This policy is to be treated with the same importance as our team safety policies. Knowledge of the policy is expected of every team member. The policy is to be followed in its entirety, without exception or modification. Warnings for non-compliance should not be expected. Egregious or repeat violations will result in immediate removal from the team.

Data Sources

This page describes the current COVID-19 response and policy of FRC1736, Robot Casserole. Compliance with this document is a condition of team participation for all students, mentors, parents, and visitors of the team.

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